Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few Updates

I felt like updating so here is how the next 59 days till Disney are going to go (surprisingly most of my time is booked/planned out):

This week(June 21-27): I am in my second to last week of summer school. I have a group presentation in my music class about Fantasia on Tuesday, on Friday I have an essay due in my American Lit class and a test in my Music class. This is also week #2 of my beach workout.

Week 2(June 28-July 4): Finals week! I have a two day Spanish final on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I also have my English final exam on Wednesday. Thursday I am done with summer school and I get to go home.

Week 3(July 5-11): Finally I have a full week without school. I am mainly going to be getting my stuff organized since it's all in boxes and I need to find what I am wanting to pack and take with me to Disney. I also get the lovely task of cleaning out the garage with my mom. Week #4 for my beach workout.

Week 4(July 12-18): Same as week three. Week #5 for my beach workout.

Week 5(July 19-25): Time to get packed for my trip to South Carolina, my flight is on the 23rd at 1:35. It is leaving from Houston so I will probably drive down there the morning of with my mom. Last week of beach workout.

Week 6(July 26-August 1): Myrtle Beach with my BF and his family.

Week 7(August 2-8): I get home from South Carolina on the 2nd of August, hopefully I wont be super sunburned. Time to chill and start to officially get things in order for Florida. Last full week in Texas.

Week 8(August 9-15): My mom, sister and I are leaving for Florida on the 11th to attend the Melaleuca Convention (its a business my mom and I do, I'll tell you more about it if you message me). The convention lasts through the 15th and that is when my Dad, brother and Bf will be arriving in Florida.

Week 9(August 16-19): Family vacation time/ spend time with me before they leave me in a different state. We are going to go to Universal and do other stuff in the Orlando/Tampa area. On the 19th they are dropping me off at Vista Way for me to begin my Disney CP adventure, and i think they are leaving the next day.

So that is my next couple of months. Have a Magical Day!

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